Monday, January 9, 2012

Man-ic Monday

I really want get this blog going and to have it be something that I really look forward to updating daily. I'm still going to be posting **a lot** of my OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts, but I'm also going to be adding in new content to keep it interesting for everyone else as well. *^-^*

What exactly is Man-ic Monday? It's about...well. Men! My style crushes, what trends in menswear that I really dig (and which ones I don't), tips from a girls perspective, etc. If I happen to be wearing a really cute outfit on a Monday that is share-worthy, there may be double-posts.

To kick off the first ever Man-ic Monday, I'm going with my number one celebrity style crush. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love his style. The boy can dress. I'm aware he most likely has a stylist. But there have been very few pictures I've seen where I haven't been in like or in love with what he was wearing.

I love when a guy actually cares about the way he looks. We all have our jeans and t-shirt days. But it seems to me that the scales are always really one-sided in that girls are supposed to be the ones to dress to impress. Take notes, gentlemen. Ladies *really* like when you look nice. ^_~ I prefer a cleaned-up trendy look. Not quite a full-on suit (Not for every day, at least), but something that shows that the guy cares about how he looks. What are your favorite menswear styles?


  1. i love the first one. The tie and the shirt are perfectly matched together.

  2. I absolutely love his style. It' so nice to see men wearing outfits that portray their sense of style. You can really tell a lot by the way someone dresses.