Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tokyo Tuesday!

Today's post is not an outfit of the day. I had errands to run today and wasn't feeling the best, so I did what everyone does on those days. Rocked a Batman t-shirt, jeans, chucks, and a ponytail. So, it's Tokyo Tuesday today! :] Which means, it's going to be a post about things I bought in Tokyo this past weekend.

First things first. Heads or Tails?

If you guessed're right!

Disclaimer: It's *not* real. I promise. I love animals, I could never do that. Besides, I want a fox as a pet, not as a fashion accessory. ^-^

These tails are pretty popular in Japan. Girls will hang them off of their purses/bags or my favorite, they'll clip them to their back belt loop so it looks like they have a tail! Haha. A little different, but definitely cute. I knew I couldn't leave Japan without buying one. It's a memory and accessory I just need to have. So I bought this one in Harajuku this past weekend on what will be one of my last Tokyo shopping trips for awhile. I originally wanted a wolf one, but they looked bad and really fake. So I picked up this fox one instead. How many looks do you think I can get from having a *tail* in the US?

I also purchased this awesome orange wig:

It can be used for photoshoots, cosplay, many things.

I also got another Lolita outfit from Bodyline while I was in Harajuku. Pictures of that to come later! But that is my second one from there and my third Lolita outfit. I also have a *really* nice custom one that was gifted to me. There will be pictures in the future of that one as well.

Like I mentioned in the kick off, it's a blog with mostly fashion overtones, but will also have undertones of other things I love. So, here's to the first undertone! Cheers!

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