Monday, October 3, 2011

Office Party

White Dress Shirt - UNIQLO
Black Sweater Vest - Paseos
Black Shorts - Forever 21
Black Socks - Tutuanna
Scarf - Over the Hill
Black Bow Headband - Forever 21
Black Short Boots - Paseos

I think this is such a fun play on business attire. I can and do wear some of the top pieces to work. Bottom pieces, not so much. But it's a great outfit for going out on the town with friends. And even better, I can wear the top pieces to work and pack the bottom pieces if I'm planning on meeting someone after the workday is finished. I would only have to do a quick change of bottoms and ta-da! Ready to hit the town in a cute outfit without anyone ever knowing that half of my outfit was worn all day. I love easy day to night looks!

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