Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn Abyss

White Long Sleeve - Forever 21
Destroyed Denim Shorts - Hollister
Knit Stockings - Tutuanna
Long Black Socks - Tutuanna
Black Wedges - Paseos
Black Plaid Scarf - Paseos

Layering long socks over knitted stockings is really popular right now. I really like the look too, it's a little more visually interesting than just wearing long socks. However, I think it has to be worn with an outfit that is a little more subdued. If your outfit is supposed to be the main attraction, adding a lot of extra leg wear details might be a bit much. And I'm not angry in my pictures. The sun was right in my face! I did the best I could not to make the scrunched up sun face. ^-^

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