Saturday, October 1, 2011

Take Me Out

White Sweater - Liz Lisa
Pink Tank - Forever 21
Polka Dot Skirt - Paseos
White Ribbon Socks - Cecilia de Rafael
Black Heels - Steve Madden
Hair Bow - Guilty
Rhinestone Heart Earrings - Paris Kids

I would never have thought I would wear anything close to this if you were to ask me 2 years ago. I probably would have laughed and maybe even said something along the lines of it's *too* girly. I was a tomboy. "One of the guys". No, seriously. I know it's probably a little hard to believe. When I moved to Japan and saw how cute and pretty the Japanese girls are all the time, it started rubbing off on me I guess. I started wanting to look cute. And from there...well, the rest is history. I love these socks, they're the only pair of fancy designer socks I own. I had to splurge, I knew if I didn't, I would never find them again. I still love chucks, t-shirts, and jeans too. I don't think I'll ever grow out of that! But when I say I've just recently been introduced to the vast world of fashion, it's no joke. And I think Tokyo was a great place to learn!

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